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Suffering a debilitating physical injury can be a truly devastating event in one’s life. Not only is the injured person often prevented from working or performing normal activities of daily life, but other family members are caused to suffer dramatic changes in their daily lives as well. Caring for an injured person often requires specialized help and equipment to restore some normalcy to a family already trying to cope with the hardship of watching a loved one suffer.

Sometimes serious injuries can result in the death of a family member. When a household loses a spouse or a parent, the emotional vacuum is huge, but so too is the economic loss. Who will take the children to their lessons or who will do the shopping and laundry? How will the mortgage be paid and how will the children go to college? These questions and many more loom before the survivors and create uncertainty about the future.

When these traumatic events strike home, the impact is almost unimaginable. A good lawyer can help. Having an experienced and dedicated law firm on your side can literally take lives on the verge of collapse and helps to set straight the financial hardship brought about by someone else’s neglect.

The preparation and implementation of trial strategy unique to your set of circumstances requires many years of training and experience. We here at Garvey and Garvey have been trying personal injury lawsuits before many of the law firms in Buffalo ever even existed. When it comes to evaluating your case, executing a plan for litigation and understanding the medical, economic and legal nuances unique to your situation, your interest is best served by retaining a law firm where you will be known by your name and not a number.

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Whether you are buying, selling or re-financing your home or transferring title in a complex commercial business transaction, the changing of ownership to real estate can be nerve racking. It is usually the largest financial undertaking in a person’s life. We understand the pressure involved with a large sale or purchase and we pride ourselves on an efficient and helpful organization that meets or exceeds the deadlines imposed by financial institutions and real estate contracts.
From condominiums to single-family homes to whole subdivisions, whether it is a new build or existing home, whether you are purchaser, seller, contractor or developer, we can meet your real estate needs.

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When it comes to safeguarding the future of your family and the property you have spent a lifetime accumulating for them, we realize that consulting an attorney can be an intimidating first step. Writing a will causes an individual to face his or her own mortality.

Yet, it also can provide a sense of peace and security knowing that your loved ones will be protected in a manner of your choosing. Wills, trusts, health care proxies, powers of attorney and living wills which provide detailed instructions in the event of a coma, serious medical calamity or death, are all tools used by our law firm to provide you and your family with the greatest protection against unforeseen events.

Prudence dictates that when you have a family or spouse you wish to protect, consulting an attorney experienced in estate planning and administration, will and trust drafting, and the actual practice of probate law in Surrogate’s Court will be of great benefit in allowing you to accomplish the goals you have set to make their future secure.

If a family member has died without a Last Will and Testament, the experience that Garvey and Garvey can provide may still prove to be most helpful to you and your family. Losing a loved one is difficult enough – going through probate should not be.

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Business today is complex. The decisions you make today about your corporation or partnership may strongly impact your livelihood tomorrow. Regardless of whether you work alone, in a family business, or in a large corporate setting; regardless of whether you are a professional corporation, a partnership, a DBA, or incorporated; regardless of whether you are just starting out or have been in business for generations, you will find the years of business experience at Garvey and Garvey to be of benefit for you.


Over the years, this law firm has helped many business clients with their legal needs. We have frequently represented physicians in contractual negotiations and litigations involving partnerships, professional corporations, hospitals, and large medical groups. When a physician requires the personal representation provided by an attorney that is independent of the rest of the medical group, Garvey and Garvey provides vigilant and experienced advocacy.

At times, our physician clients find themselves involved as litigants in unforeseen lawsuits. Often we discreetly represent the defendant/physician and his or her P.C. as personal counsel in malpractice litigation where an attorney hired by an insurance company may already represent the doctor. Although these attorneys are typically excellent litigators and scrupulously ethical, a personal attorney is still often employed by a physician to ensure that the best interest of the physician is specifically stated to the court and to the insurance company. This helps avoid conflict between the insured physician and the insurance company. Garvey & Garvey has a strong history of handling complicated medical-legal issues in addition to interpreting medical malpractice insurance policies. This experience, both in and out of the courtroom, allows us to understand and explain the physician’s rights under the policy of insurance and, if need be, prepare to enforce those rights.

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